So much goodness, so many weird, artificial flavors that fill my soul with an artificial love-flavoring. Can someone who was in attendance confirm the presence of these products?
  1. Nachos with fake cheese
    You know that's stuff that comes out when you press the button at a gas station with those overly salted chips? I would have been so into that.
  2. Salted pretzels with same fake cheese
    Mmmmmmmm hot and textured in a very confusing way that almost makes you sad mmmm
  3. Peanuts
    I've been to one professional sports game and they sold peanuts. It was baseball but I'm pretty sure peanuts are sold at all sports games. So messy and so horrible to clean up probably, but I would have devoured these.
  4. Bad, pre-frozen hamburgers
    The kind that are suspiciously flat
  5. Hot dogs
    Lots of mustard. So much mustard.