@keonovak this 1 for you.
  1. Miniature moleskin notebooks
    For song, story, and poem writing. Being 16 is rough yet v creatively inspiring.
  2. A signature essential oil
    Mine is jasmine. If anyone asks you what perfume you're wearing, you can say it's not perfume, it's (insert) oil. You'll get major cool points while smelling great.
  3. A guitar
    If you stare at it in your corner for long enough, you'll decide to pick it up. You may never be @john, but, hey, now you can write three-chord songs when frustrated with friends, parents, or boys.
  4. A pair of riding boots
    Wearing my riding boots makes me feel damn powerful. I want you to know this feeling too.
  5. Colorful, fuzzy leggings