1. Men wearing suits
    They dgaf about wrinkles and could walk into a business meeting AS THEY ARE. I'm probably wearing fuzzy pajamas I bought at Costco.
  2. People rolling their suitcases sideways
    I always try to do this to seem cool (always end up tripping)--like when I only ran w my arms up because I thought it's what mature girls did (don't know where I got these ideas from).
  3. Babies w/ leashes
    By the time I realized this was cool, I was about 10--way too old to rock the patterned tether that suggested that your parents loved you A TON but I still begged for one
  4. People with their own coffee mugs
    Oh you waited in line at the Starbucks for 20 minutes for that mediocre coffee in that flimsy cup? Yeah, this mug has my kids' faces on it and my beautiful wife had it made for me.
  5. Anything with matching luggage
    No matter how hard I plan and prep, I always end up with miscellaneous bags, mismatched colors, materials, and purposes. Never fail to end up with one more rando canvas bag I grabbed walking out the door.
    Suggested by @willadoor
  6. The "come on over and get a free flight by applying for a credit card and I'm wearing a blue Polo and so's my friend" guy.
    Suggested by @evan