Being 16 is weird.
  1. I prayed for the first time in an Ecuadorian cathedral.
    I had never seen such a beautiful place.
  2. I found a new favorite book
    This one seems permanent too. A River Runs Through It.
  3. I came eye to eye with a sea turtle in the middle of the Pacific Ocean off of the Galápagos Islands.
    For a few seconds. Then he swam away.
  4. I raised a litter of nine abandoned puppies.
    I loved feeding them with their little bottles and bathing them every night. They all have wonderful families now who even bring them on sibling play dates.
  5. I adopted a new kitten
    Jk this didn't happen BUT MOM PLEASE TAKE A HINT
  6. I started writing poetry.
  7. I was a vegan (briefly). I needed to get this out of my system I think.
  8. Trevor followed u on a hot new app called "the list app"
    Suggested by @skeet