1. All the grandparents and aunts and uncles who gifted me only lipglosses on birthdays/Christmas/whatever excuse they could find to give me lipgloss until I was 15
    I'd say there's about fifty of them in my nightstand. I always wanted a more meaningful gift when I opened a new tube of lipgloss, but today I tried on every single one and was provided with hours of entertainment.
  2. My cat Luna
    My parents rescued her a year before I was born. She was always my favorite and fattest pet--I'd ask her for life advice until I was 13. Now, she is the frailest little thing you've ever laid eyes on, in her old age resembling the tiny kitten she was before I entered the world. Also I just fed her a lot of roasted chicken but don't tell my mom.
  3. Just making sure mom is still on here watching us all and loving us all
    Suggested by @sophia
  4. My dog Palto
    I'm really just adding this one because I stepped on him while I was sneaking downstairs to eat some Raisin Bran last night and I feel bad.
  5. A great friend/mentor/sister