I still have a year left before I'm off to adulthood and dorm rooms so these are just predictions.
  1. Montana
    Though Montana is small, suffocating even, everything here is a song or poem written in this strange, beautiful language that you'll never be able to fully comprehend unless you're born and raised between these mountain ridges and along these river beds.
  2. My strong-willed, high school classmates
    This town has produced teens that are so hell-bent on defending what they believe, no amount of factual statements or guilt trips can sway them. Yes, this trait morphs into homophobic racists on several occasions, but the sense of loyalty to yourself, to your own mind is rare, admirable even.
  3. My trampoline
    I've never taken advantage of it. Though, rarely, my brother will ask me to join him in a bounce fest after all his friends have returned home for dinner. Maybe I'll just miss my freckled little brother.
  4. My parents' bookshelves
    Sometimes I'll sneak downstairs at night and rifle through them, carefully flipping through years and years of words. I like to sort the books into the eras of my parents' lives I think they are remnants of--was this one my mom's favorite as a young girl? Was this a wedding gift?
  5. Our chandelier
    I'm just kidding. I hate this chandelier. It's low-hanging and sharp. I have battle scars on my scalp from my various face offs with this chandelier. Maybe I'll miss it too. Sometime. One night. Maybe.
  6. My mother
    This one's too hard to type. @maggiemcguane