In no particular order
  1. Seth Meyers
    Best weekend update anchor. Love late night.
  2. Kate McKinnon
    Best of the current cast. Hillary impression was one of the best parts of 2016.
  3. Kenan Thompson
    Been on the show for a long time but is still consistently funny
  4. Rachel Dratch
    Underrated. Debbie Downer is brilliant.
  5. Tina Fey
    I mean...duh
  6. Will Ferrell
    Funny even when he's not trying to be funny
  7. Andy Samberg
    Adorable and hilarious. Love Brooklyn 99 and pop star was hilarious
  8. Bill Hader
    Great characters and impressions
  9. Jimmy Fallon
    Always makes me smile
  10. Amy Poehler
    Great on update. Parks and rec is the best show ever.
  11. Aidy Bryant
    So underrated! I love her