TBH I love all of them...
  1. Sign of the times
    The most mainstream of all of them, but I truly think it's beautiful and it makes me very emotional. Kind of sounds like David Bowie. Nothing like anything else on the radio today.
  2. Only Angel
    The transition from the Angelic voice at the beginning to the full on rock song is SO good. I think it fits his voice and his style very well.
  3. Kiwi
    A complete jam. NOTHING like anything from 1D.
  4. Ever Since New York
    This song makes me very emotional as well. Beautiful lyrics and music. I get some U2 vibes from it.
  5. From the Dining Table
    Not like anything I would normally listen to, but I've found that I really like it. The harmonies are 🔥. Totally unique and original.
  6. Carolina
    Such a fun song that's once again so different from anything in mainstream music today.
  7. Woman
    Another fun one. He sounds like such a rockstar in this and I'm HERE FOR IT
  8. Sweet creature
    The lyrics are so sweet. This song makes me fall in love with him even more.
  9. Two ghosts
    A nice song. I don't think it should be the 2nd single, but it's still good.
  10. Meet Me in The Hallway
    I like this song, but I can't say it's any better than the others