For @MaryLC, whose guinea pig passed away last night. She was a beloved guinea pig (even though I called her a hamster way too often) and she will be missed. I hope next week is better for you my love
  1. Hiding in small places
  2. She had the most loving mama
  3. She always got lots of kisses and cuddles
  4. My contact picture for Mary. Apparently, this is what Psychology revision looks like.
  5. Surrendering to all the love
  6. Sharing secrets
  7. I can only imagine this was her favourite spot
  8. Mary looks terrified in this picture, so I'm sure Nutmeg just told her a really scary story
  9. And here we see the guinea pig obstacle course.
    Can she fit through the gap? Or will she have to climb up?
  10. She was an adorable little ball of fluff
  11. Mary's favourite picture
    Nutmeg looks like a model here
  12. Sipping on some healthy water
  13. She was looking mighty fine for a 50 year-old. I hope she's enjoying guinea pig heaven ❤ she will be dearly missed