1. I have had no ideas for new lists
    I'll look for ideas at some other point
  2. I've had no time
    A-level mocks are coming up and I should be revising
  3. My feelings have been all mixed up
    This has only really been over the last few days, but I don't really wanna write anything about it until I've sorted it all out
  4. I've lost motivation
    I need to be well-motivated to do these things
  5. I'm moving house!
    First time ever and I'm a little terrified, because this house is the only one I've known.
  6. I've become obsessed with stuff I loved a year ago
    Sammy Paul's Pretentious Monthly Scrapbook series, fan videos of Fitzsimmons, Bloom by the Paper Kites, etc.
  7. I'll list once I've sorted my head and new house out
    Love y'all ❤