As it's national smile day today, I thought I'd list the things that made me smile.
  1. Trying not to smile when my form tutor played 'Dont worry, be happy' this morning
  2. Watching 'The fleeting little life of Peter Wright' and 'Baking with Layton' with Mary this morning
  3. My friend Vince, who I'm not too close with, giving me a massive hug when he found out that his predicted grade is an A in maths.
  4. All my friends being so supportive of me after my terrible night last night.
  5. Texts from Mary about how she's going to punch the boy who made last night terrible in the face. She really is the best 😊
  6. Grabbing Mary's sleeve when she'd tucked her arms into her jumper thinking that her hand was there, then shouting down the sleeve trying to find her.
  7. Sweet lists about friendships.