This week has not been great. First week back at school and very dramatic in terms of friendships. So instead of dwelling on the sadness, I thought I'd focus on the happy moments of the week.
  1. Spending Sunday evening at Mary's
    My friend had just received some petty shocking news, and so I went over to her house to take her mind off of it. We ended up spending our time singing along to 'The Lonely Island', bitching about people that have made us unhappy, and eating terribly sugary foods.
  2. The entirety of Thursday evening
    After school on Thursday, I went out to see War Dogs with a group of friends, and we all went back to my friend Ellie's afterwards for Chinese takeaway. It was lovely.
  3. Helping one of the children I babysit with her homework
    Babysitting this week could have been a lot harder than it was, all things considered. The oldest child had broken his foot two days prior, and couldn't really walk around, but we still went out for a bit and sat down on a bench while the two youngest ran circles around us. When we got back, I helped one of the girls with her Spanish homework, and it made me so happy to see her understanding it, while also joking around with me. 😊