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  1. Glow in the dark shoelaces
    For my metallic rainbow converse
  2. What was Zac Efron's character in high school musical called
    Troy Bolton FYI
  3. Gladys from Hi-de-hi
  1. The Tiger Who Came to Tea
  2. But Where is the Green Parrot
  3. Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy
4 more...
  1. iTunes album artwork
    Since Apple Music glad the album artworks on my music have changed and they're now wrong and I painstakingly went through and made sure every album had the correct artwork and it's like apple just want me to hate them
  2. My wonky wall photo collage
    I covered one of the walls in my student house bedroom in photos and I think they're all slightly wonky but there are too many to take them down and start again but now it hurts to look at that wall
  3. People leaving the sink full of cold dirty water
    It just means I have to empty it when they could very easily empty it themselves
Most of which I didn't want to do today either so probably, really, definitely should do tomorrow
  1. Read anymore Plato
    I've read three of Plato's dialogues in the past fortnight which is more than most people I know so I think that's enough now
  2. Get up at 8am
    Because my bed is my heaven and the outside world is cold and mean (especially before 10)
  3. Dress up as a minion
    Minions are so last year (and no one suits yellow)
  4. Write my personal statement
    For my masters application, it will be easy once I start, but it's too scary to even start because applying for masters means my undergrad years are nearly over 😳