Susquehanna "20
  1. The drive down
    The miles and miles of never ending highway in Connecticut, the traffic in New York, the acres of farmland in Pennsylvania.
  2. I'm going to a school in Pennsylvania. 7 hours give or take away from my home. And whenever I visit there's always a ride back home and that feeling is relieving.
  3. And I'll get there on move in day and the school colors of orange and maroon will drown me.
  4. I'll empty the car and fill up my dorm room with all my clothes and belongings. And it'll all be exciting.
  5. My own new little home.
  6. But then my parents will have to leave.
  7. Just my parents driving back home to Massachusetts, with an empty back seat.
    And they'll look in the rear view mirror to ask me a question or see how I'm sleeping, but I won't be there
  8. And that's why the drive down is the scariest
  9. Because there's no drive back home for me
  10. But there is for my parents