Senior assassin: a water gun fight between all the seniors. Everyone is given a secret target they have to shoot, but everyone also has a secret assassin going after them. When you shoot you're target, you get their target. If you are shot by you're assassin, you are out of the game.
  1. Ruining friendships
    My whole friend group is a bunch of snitches
  2. You can't even trust your boyfriend or girlfriend
    No one is safe
  3. Coming out of a shift at work is sudden death
    You never know who will be waiting 10 feet away from your car
  4. I now park in my garage because I am afraid my assassin will come to my house in the morning
    There are no boundaries
  5. Everyone runs to their car after school now
  6. I keep 2 water guns in my car, 2 in my house, and 1 in my bag
    Safety first
  7. Turning siblings against each other
  8. My mom opened the front door yesterday with a huge ass water gun in her hand
  9. Nerf Gun Super Soakers have never been scarier
  10. A pic of me and my assassin