While quite sweet, white sugar, for all intents and purposes, is also quite tasteless. Sugars we like that are way more interesting:
  1. Organic powdered sugar. This stuff is amazing. Because it's not refined like white powdered sugar, it has a sort of sweet maple molasses taste to it. Use when making the frosting for a carrot cake and people will. Lose. Their. Shit. it's so good.
  2. Moscavado. This stuff is dark. It's gooey. Crazy hydroscopic (meaning, in it attracts water). Use it anywhere you'd use brown sugar for a deeper, more complex flavor. Try using some in a chocolate chip recipe. Or a German chocolate cake. Anything with chocolate. Your mouth is going to love it.
  3. Maple Sugar. Made from maple trees. Similar in flavor to maple syrup, but you can use it in cookie recipes where a syrup wouldn't work. We like making maple graham crackers with this kind of sugar. Also, if you make meringues, they taste amazing when you use 1/2 super fine sugar and 1/2 maple sugar.
  4. Superfine. Sugar, that is 👅. If want a fluffy white cake like you get from fancy pants bakeries, use this stuff to make your cakes. The grains are finer than regular sugar and so they melt more quickly. Superfine (or as they say in Britain, Caster sugar. That sounds so British, right?) sugar is also handy when making meringues or macarons.
  5. Blue agave. Technically a "syrup" it's still considered a sugar. They also make tequila out of blue agave, so bonus points for being related to margaritas. It adds a subtle sweetness to oatmeal, teas & yogurts w/out + too many grams of sugar. So if you want something that says "cookie" to your mouth but "I have to wear a bikini" to your bum...
  6. Stevia. It's an acquired taste FOR SURE. But especially if you are someone with the metabolism of a 40 year old, we suggest you acquire it. You can go 50/50 with regular sugar & stevia in some baking recipes. It's good in coffee. Seriously. Give it a week. Your taste buds will come around.