on saturday, I ran a half marathon for the first time since I was hospitalized with pneumonia. here's kind of how it went, by mile.
  1. alright. one mile down. this isn't so bad. I can totally do this. I think I'm going fast!
  2. holy crap, there are a lot of people around me. they're going pretty slow and are forming lines — it might be more annoying than slow sidewalk tourists.
  3. yep, definitely more annoying than tourists. I'm also kind of hungry. I should have eaten that second banana.
  4. prospect park is cool. I'm into this.
  5. this gradual-ass hill in prospect park is not cool. I'm not into this.
  6. downhill? HALLELUJAH.
  7. more than halfway and bieber is on shuffle. things are feeling great!
  8. just kidding, this is the part where it starts to hurt. I remember this now. crap.
  9. when is mile 10? I feel like I should've made it to 10 by now...
  10. WHEN IS MILE 11.
  11. okay, okay. only a few miles left... breathe. oof. not that deeply. lungs are NOT having that.
  12. so close! I'm so close! this is when you push through the pain, makena.
  13. why are they making us all squeeze up this tiny ramp... don't they know this is a 30,000 person race? wait, is that the finish line? SPRINT. SPRINT. SPRINT.
  14. (walking) give me water and give me alcohol.