not exclusive to famous, well-known people
  1. Van Gogh
    a given
  2. Degas
    ballet is already so pretty but he makes it prettier
  3. Sara Pedigo
    still mad i didn't have her for painting 1 bc she was on sabbatical but good grief she's a great painter
  4. Laura Mongiovi
    for showing me how to stay true to my process and style, and guiding me towards sculpture
  5. Eva Hesse
    my sculpture mom
  6. Maria Abramovic
    literally who isn't inspired by her
  7. Sam Desantis
    just taken photos of her life in the most beautiful way, and doing it unapologetically
  8. Charlavail Effron
    for actually doing shit, without asking for permission. if she wants to do it, she does it, and is not scared to it.
  9. Debby Ryan
    made me aware of my own mental disorders and abusive relationship, feels like a spirit sister #dopewomen2017
  10. Saskia Keultjes
    she basically just doodles but gets to be a part of awesome projects just bc her style is genuine and sweet
  11. Kiara Sanchez
    a friend i wish i was closer to....who draws wonderfully
  12. Spacecamp Co.
    a group of people i know and love who literally just started doing things bc of the people they know and the community they've established
  13. Zendaya
    what a kick ass girl, music + movies + fashion + politics, too
  14. Beyonce
    have you freaking seen lemonade??? that short film is my lifeblood.
  15. John Hendrix
    his church drawings make me want to illustrate, to draw whatever i'm hearing or seeing or thinking
  16. Charles Young
    aka paper holm, making structures out of cutting paper.
  17. Derek Lerner
    his geometric drawings resemble maps
  18. Basquiat
    he, too, was so unapologetically himself, making the art that he wanted to make.
  19. Andrew Scott Wilson
    love the way he uses brush strokes, and his color choices....wish i had more time to get to know him
  20. YIELD
    coming out of flagler, doing the things their doing...i'm jealous
  21. Anna Bond
    aka rifle paper co....just good design taste, basically.
  22. Cole Nesmith
    showed me how to be a creative glorifying the Creator. started Creative City Project, and is just doing things that he feels called to do.
  23. Hunter Bustamante
    a hand-typography extraordinaire
  24. Tori Ray
    taking photos that make me want to use them for designing
  25. BJ Novak
    shout out to the father of this app, who also just does stuff, whether it's expected of him or not.