good products, good designs, good causes
  1. Glossier
    the simplest, cleanest skin care + makeup i've ever used that is also inexpensive and kind
  2. Quip
    minimalistic toothbrushes that make me want to brush my teeth
  3. Warby Parker
    simply because i don't have to leave my house to get new glasses or try them on
  4. Thinx
    the most wonderful period proof underwear that provides feminine products to girls in poor countries so they don't have to miss school!!! plus awesome social media pages
  5. YIELD
    of course because i know the owners and their products are absolutely perfect
  6. Philosophie
    kind sweet people who will treat you like royalty while playing with your hair. are you kidding me? who wouldn't love that?
  7. Madewell
    expensive but gosh dang it their stuff is so beautiful
  8. MC Pressure
    whatever i know it's out of place in the list but ryan is the bomb and all his stuff makes me chuckle
  9. The Giving Keys
    employs homeless people, and is based all around the idea of passing on encouragement by giving the keys away
  10. Chapter Ten Watches
    started by a member of my church, really nice watches for under $100. and you get to choose which cause 10% of your money goes to