1. Parks & Rec
    above all. relatable character development, dry humor, mistakes and triumphs and goals and failures, friendships and relationships, chris pratt + aubrey plaza.
  2. Psych
    the first and only show that will ever have my heart. why netflix removed it is beyond me.
  3. Brooklyn 99
    none of that racist, sexist, stereotype shit. plus hilarious. plus andy samberg and chelsea peretti.
  4. The Crown
    i'm a period hoe. not ashamed.
  5. The Flash
    i've watched the other DC shows but none of them really compare to the flash, mainly bc i think i'm in love with barry allen.
  6. The 100
    why not everyone has seen this is beyond me bc it's so good and the ladies kick ass and octavia is hot
  7. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
    it's kinda like nancy drew/agatha christie in 1920's australia. pretty light hearted with a stand up fashionable lady who don't need no man
  8. Medici : Masters of Florence
    the art + history hoe side of me was drooling
  9. Series of Unfortunate Events
    new but the first series was so good, and nph dominates the role and the set design had me raving
  10. Sherlock
    i'm not the biggest fan of bendersnap cucumber or martin freeman but the plots and edits in the show keep me 100% interested which is a big deal for me
  11. White Collar
    matt bomer talking about and making art, are you kidding me? can this be my every day?
  12. Sense 8
    my favorite cast probably, a good story, and the sex scenes show sex in such a different light than i've really ever seen in tv shows
  13. Teen Wolf
    do not even begin to look at me like that bc this show is awesome and every single character is my child
  14. Leverage
    confused as to how i'm just now (jan 2017) discovering this show bc it's like oceans eleven in a tv show, i love it.
  15. Limitless
    i never even saw the movie but the guy in this show is so wonderful and also the main woman?? yes pls.
  16. Criminal Minds
    spencer reid and derek morgan and aaron and jj ugh ugh ugh
  17. Nikita
    kick ass ladies and shane west like i'm so in
  18. Jessica Jones
    LISTEN. kristen ritter?? couldn't have picked a better jess. she plays the part so familiarly, exactly what you imagine a female meta PI to be like. i have so much love for her; thank God for this show.
  19. Daredevil
    how is marvel just always better than DC?? this show is pretty dark (killing a dude by repeatedly slamming his head in a car door, really?), but the whole show is so cool, the plots and themes and characters and ugh just a well rounded show. plus charlie cox.
  20. Orphan Black
    dark but so so so good. tatiana maslany destroys every single other actor by playing like, eleven roles. you don't even believe she plays every character that she does. seriously mind blowing
  21. War & Peace
    thank you, hulu
  22. The Musketeers
    all four musketeers are my babies, i don't care. they're so wonderfully funny and smart. also i love fighting and crime solving.
  23. Travelers
    literally only one season but i'm anxiously waiting for more
  24. Riverdale
    i watch so many cw shows now and i always roll my eyes at them and i still do at this show but it's so. good. A+ music, A+ casting, A+ plot. a little cheesy/dramatic, but i live for that.
  25. Underground
    oh my god. this show freaking kicks ass. so well done, so good, so life changing.
  26. Veep
    ya knowwww, not hella into it but still, i spent time catching up on it so it's worth mentioning.
  27. Girl Boss
    (i love britt robertson and i will always love her) this show has A+ music as well and it's just put together really really well. thank you netflix.
  28. Quantico
    just yes
  29. How To Get Away With Murder
    why is this show so goooood
  30. Dear White People
    hot dang y'all
  31. iZombie
    tbh it's like a mixture of psych and then like. some cheesy zombie movie. but it's a wonderful mixture