1. i got married to patrick darin in a black wedding dress at the christ school
  2. connor did drugs and i didn't like him
  3. i went to a school that was majorly african american and beyonce was the principal and i had a boyfriend and he was really great
  4. the schuyler sisters did not sing well at the superbowl
  5. somehow a guy wrote some stuff down recording/predicting that he was going to pursue me
  6. natalie stephenson had a secret baby and was hiding it in her bathroom, but then someone made all babies die so she threw it over a ledge
  7. went to a dance at the christ school with jordan bohannon, but there was a bomb threat and we were held hostage by said bomber
  8. i had to change the text in an indesign file while sitting in the middle of a war. i'm not joking.