5 Things Only Girls With Red Hair Understand

All you ladies rocking fiery locks know this well: Being a redhead is a state of mind. Most people don’t understand the daily trials and tribulations that come with having red hair, but we understand and we salute you for rocking red like it’s no one’s business. This list is for you.
  1. People assume your temper matches your hair. Why is an even-keeled redhead so hard to envision? Answer me!!!!
  2. Society insists you can’t wear red. You can. And you will. Like a boss.
  3. You feel personally betrayed when a fellow redhead goes blond. Two words: Sell Out.
  4. Finding the right eyebrow pencil is a constant battle. Do you go brown? Do you go blonde? Ugh, decisions.
  5. You have a raging blackout when you see a fellow redhead with a tan. Naturally sun-kissed skin makes you want to curl into a ball and cry into your spray-tanned hands.
  6. We've got more were red head woes were those came from! See our complete list here: http://bit.ly/MDCxRedHair_