1. The hot, tingly feeling on the bottoms of my feet when I'm high.
  2. The panicky feeling in my chest and numb mouth when I'm low.
  3. When I have to prick my finger more than once because I didn't draw enough blood from the first.
  4. Accidentally hitting a blood vessel when injecting insulin.
  5. The cost of supplies.
    Seriously though. It's ridiculous.
  6. People thinking I have restrictions on what I can eat.
    I'll eat as many cookies as I want, thanks.
  7. People telling me things they know about diabetes.
    Trust me, I already know.
  8. People thinking they know more about diabetes than me.
    Trust me, you don't. (Unless you're an endocrinologist or a CDE.)
  9. People sharing stories of their grandparents/great aunts/random ass old relatives with diabetes.
    They probably don't have type 1. Type 2 isn't even close to the same thing.
  10. People staring when I give myself a shot.
  11. Having to explain things about my disease to the same people over and over again.
  12. Uncertainty about my future.
  13. The fact that I can never be on Naked & Afraid.