1. Having the ability to educate people about this rare disease.
  2. Feeling a sense of community among other type 1 diabetics.
  3. Knowing more about nutrition than I ever really wanted to.
  4. Seeing immediate results after workouts in the form of lower and more controlled blood sugar.
    Instant gratification is my favorite.
  5. Feeling hardcore when I give myself a shot in front of someone who says they could never do it.
  6. The feeling of pride I get when I've had a string of really good days.
    At some point during said string of good days a nice, loud "SUCK MY DICK, DIABETES" is necessary.
  7. My endocrinologist.
    He's rad.
  8. People I know doing their own research about it and not having to ask me questions.
    It really shows that they care. It means a lot to me.
  9. When people see low-carb recipes and think to send them to me.
  10. Getting to take snacks into places that other people can't.
  11. Wilford Brimley jokes.
  12. I don't have one yet, but I feel like showing off my future insulin pump will be fun.
  13. Pineapple flavored glucose tabs.
    Nuff said.