These have stuck with me through the years
  1. Growing up, my very old, very Jewish ENT would tell me I have a "terrible nose"
    But he would also never offer to fix it, so
  2. In middle school, a friend told me my "hands look like they probably smell like ranch dressing."
    This was such a specific and devastating burnt that left me feeling confused, low class, and disgusting. I'm actually really close with the girl who said this now because we've both grown up a lot, but for a while there we were frenemies.
  3. "Your cheeks are so fat, they jiggle when you walk."
    This one really got me. Said by the COOLEST guy in the 6th grade. I honestly think he was salty because I didn't want to be his girlfriend. BULLET DODGED. Still, it took a loooong time to shake this burn.