1. Answer patient questions left on my voicemail
  2. Call patients with test results
  3. Room patients from the waiting area
  4. Take sinus CTs
    I'm not a radiology tech, but I take like ten CTs daily
  5. Give shots
  6. Draw blood
    This one is fairly rare, but it's my favorite thing to do. It's actually nursing.
  7. Put out clean instruments between patients
  8. Manage the doctors' schedules
    People who aren't directly involved with patient care don't quite understand when people should and shouldn't be seen right away and it gets pretty hairy
  9. Clean and sterilize used instruments
  10. Fax things
    I hate faxes. Like, we've updated this technology. Why are we still using this
  11. Assign scanned documents into electronic health records
  12. Irrigate wax out of impacted ears
    My spiritual gift
  13. Paperwork paperwork paperwork
  14. Put out fires
    Not literal fires
  15. Chat with my buddies
  16. These things matter but also someone without my degree can do them
  17. I don't know what this is about