Things I love about Gilmore Girls

In short, spacey blurbs because I get emotional if I delve too deeply into the world of Stars Hollow
  1. We can start with the obvious:
  2. Jess is great. Flawed, definitely. Damaged, sure. But talk about a redemption story!
  3. Luke Danes
    Also flawed, but what a guy. The definition of dependable.
  4. How much Luke loves Rory
    Luke cared for Rory like his very own since she was a child. This grumpy tough guy totally melts for her and it just kills me.
  5. They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?
    THE BEST episode. This is non-negotiable.
  6. Dave Ryglaski
    The best
  7. Sookie
    Ray of light in our darkest hours
  8. Paris
    What a wonderful loon
  9. Luke's Diner
    I long for a real Luke's in my neighborhood
  10. Francie
    Severely underutilized, in my opinion. She was meaner than (high school) Paris and could match Rory toe-to-toe with snark and wit.
  11. Seasons 1-halfway through 4 Rory
    I can't even talk about Rory going off the rails but before that she was an absolute delight
  12. Festival of Living Art
    One of my favorite episodes! So elaborate and fun. Plus the introduction of Sebastian Bach as Gil!
  13. Emily Gilmore
    Truly a gem and such a complex character.
  14. Richard Gilmore
    I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always
  15. Luke and Lorelai
    He was ALL IN!!!
  16. Lane Kim
    Most relatable character to me personally for no truly identifiable reason
  17. Sores and Boils Alley
    The second best thing about season 6.
  18. The Netflix Revival
    Preemptively listing this because I love that, through our collective obsession, we had the power to bring Gilmore back and I legitimately cannot wait.
  20. the Chuppa
    God bless Luke Danes