Now if I could justifying purchasing any of these.
  1. DC-09
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    Inoda+Sveje | Perfectly proportioned, luscious solid wood. (
  2. Full Twist Guest
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    Geiger Furniture | Not as perfect as the DC-09, but potentially easier on the bum. (
  3. Tokyo
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    Bensen | Oh so Tokyo. (
  4. Dino
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    Thomas Alken | Like a leather hug from behind. (!dino-chair/c16zw)
  5. She Said
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    Nitzan Cohen | Delicate, sinewy, almost floating. (
  6. Catifa 46 - Wood
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    Arper | I could have so many variations of the Arper in my home. Burgundy-eggplant leather perfection. (