Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. He says we first met in the wood shop of our Architecture school.
  2. I have no memory of this. (I may have been sleep deprived.)
  3. We supposedly talked about the model I was building.
  4. I still think he was talking to another Asian undergrad and thinks it was me.
  5. I think we first met in our NYC based architecture studio.
  6. It was the first time undergrads (me) and grads(him) shared the same room.
  7. He threw a few house (tiny apartment) parties that I never went to.
  8. I was still hung up over a summer fling.
  9. Finally I attended his 'hat party'.
  10. I wore a paper hat made from a subway map.
  11. I remember seeing his bedroom on a apt tour and noticing how neat it was and that a candle was already lit.
  12. I said, "Somebody's hopefully tonight." 😏
    And immediately regretted it.
  13. There was karaoke and dollar pizza.
  14. His friends tried to convince me to stay the night. I didn't.
  15. I went home and told my friends maybe it would just be another fling.
  16. He asked me on our first official date the next week.
  17. And it's been 5 years since!