I'm a Hater: Plane Edition ✈️

I'm a hater, especially when flying for 19+ hours.
  1. Woman who opens window every five minutes in otherwise pitch black plane
    What? Is she checking if we're still in the air?
  2. Woman who can't figure out remote and has every single attendant teach her.
    Has she never used a tv before? Does she want attention? There are like 4 buttons you need to use. Up, down, left, right, and enter.
  3. Man on the aisle seat who uses BOTH arm rests.
    Do you not know the middle seat gets both armrests????
  4. People who rush in front of you to get off the plane who don't have a connecting flight.
  5. Toddlers who are fake wailing. THERE ARE NO TEARS.
  6. I hate less once we've landed. A little less.