Inspired by @ListPrompts. TLDR: Pregnant sprit possession
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    This happened before I was born.
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    My mom was pregnant with me in Hong Kong at age 36.
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    She had intense aches and swelling all over her left side. She was also always tired, often sleeping 16hrs on weekends.
    She attributed the issues with having a baby in her late 30s.
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    One day Blood appeared in her urine.
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    She believed she had a miscarriage.
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    She rushed to the hospital but all tests came back normal.
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    My grandmother visited the temple to have my mother's fortune read.
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    They discovered that she was possessed by a spirit.
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    A family friend recommended an exorcist, Mrs. Yip. (Everyone knows one, right?)
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    The exorcist sat with my mom and immediately said, I feel a pain and numbness in my left side.
    At that point all my mom had said was, "I'm pregnant and have some issues"
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    Mrs. Yip whispered in her ear, "I know you're inside. Let me know what you need. She's pregnant, leave her alone. Come out now and I'll help you."
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    My mom looked up, not feeling any different and asked Mrs. Yip if she knew who the spirit was.
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    Mrs. Yip said, "I won't tell you who it is, but when they passed their whole left side was in pain. But I want you to know, you should never be afraid of ghosts. There are spirits in every corner of this earth, 24/7. This spirit didn't want to hurt you. She was just lost and knew that you would find me."
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    Symptoms disappeared. My mom was full of energy, no more pains.
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    I was born a little underweight and had a little trouble coming out. But no possessions since!
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    My favorite part is that the exorcist just had a civil conversation with the spirit and he left. Makes me a little less scared of ghosts. But actually I'm still scared.