Movie Rec: Coherence

2013 low-budget, high thrills sci-fi movie. Starring: Xander from Buffy + other unknown actors (to me)
  1. Premise: Eight friends are having a dinner party while a comet flies overhead. Reality distorts, mayhem ensues.
  2. The plot is puzzle-like, in a good way.
  3. The movie made me feel: thrilled, curious, scared, excited.
  4. Most of the film takes place inside a typical house. (Probably SF) But it's never boring.
  5. I can't reveal much else without giving away the plot.
    So here's another poster with a clue to the plot.
  6. This movie was so underrated.
  7. Go watch it!
  8. Trailer makes the movie seem like horror, but I wouldn't categorize it as such.