Overheard While Waiting for My to Go Sushi Order

The only other patrons are a couple (👩🏼&👱🏽) and their faithful friend (🙊). Not sure if a fight broke out during dinner or if this was a premeditated fight w/ their mediator friend. I would have stayed, if my tempura wasn't getting soggy.
  1. 👩🏼 "There are so many things I want to say, but all I hear are excuses."
  2. 👱🏽 "All you want to do is fight, everything turns into a fight."
  3. 👩🏼 "No, it's about discussing how we're feeling right now at this dinner table."
  4. 🙊 "No, that's not it. You guys just have to be you and if they can't appreciate it. That's it."
  5. 👱🏽 "I can't handle that you legitimately think I don't appreciate you."
  6. 👩🏼 "I've broken up with you twice in one month, what does that tell you?"
  7. 🙊 "Expectations change guys."
  8. 👩🏼 "I don't think it's that hard to make someone feel appreciated."
  9. 👩🏼 "We've been having this conversation for two years."
  10. 👩🏼"I just want you to treat me nicely, make me feel appreciated. Make me feel like you want to be with me."
  11. 👩🏼 "It's like I'm the gatekeeper. You never bring me to see your family." (Gatekeeper?)
  12. 👩🏼 was still talking as I reluctantly left.
  13. Will 🙊 ever go to dinner with a couple again?