When I know I'm going to have a late night (or a few)
  1. Warm cozy clothes
    Sleepy = colder. If it were acceptable, I would bring a snuggle to work.
  2. Goldfish + chocolate covered Acai berries
    Must have bite sized snacks in the savory and sweet variety.
  3. Matcha
    Tea to avoid the coffee jitters and sour stomach.
  4. Headphones
    To blast the same few songs on repeat. Usually of the electro-pop variety. Repeating songs help me focus.
  5. Munchery
    Dinner delivery with less guilt. If the team whole is staying late, we'll probably end up ordering Thai/Vietnamese.
  6. Frustration
    Inversely proportionate o how many goldfish are left
  7. Sour stomach
    Inevitable sour stomach and bloating.