That I've tried so far. I live in an undefined corner combination of the neighborhoods: Duboce-Haight-Hayes-Mission.
  1. Sushi Delight
    I have yet to try any raw fish from them, but have enjoyed their udons a few times. Pros: they are open late and are connected to the karaoke place next door. Cons: they are connected to the karaoke place next door. Better to-go.
  2. Izakaya Roku
    Japanese "tapas". Felt a bit overpriced for its portion size. Actually came here by mistake as I meant to go and try Izakaya Goku - a ramen place in the mission.
  3. Orenchi Beyond
    The second outpost of a popular South Bay ramen shop. Had high hopes and went for the first time on Halloween - was slightly disappointed in ramen, but was not disappointed by the patron next to us who ate her while bowl of ramen with a full face murderous clown mask on. She also drank her water through a penis topped straw. Not sure if she brought it or got a special straw from the staff.
  4. Woodhouse Fish Company
    The only restaurant on the list I had been to before moving to this neighborhood. Consistently good, simple, diner-seafood fare. Wish their porkbelly + fried oyster po-boy was a regular menu item. Probably go here the most.
  5. Mission Beach Cafe
    I lied, I'd been to MBC once before. Their burger is actually really good. Pancakes were a mushy mess. Standard brunch fare not worth the line in my opinion, but we'll drop by to catch the first seating since we're so close.
  6. Chow
    Lively neighborhood kitchen with forgettable food. Most food feels like you could cook at home, but you get to eat it away from the relative loneliness of your own dining table.
  7. Jasmine Garden
    Had pho here once as we were just moving in. Paint stains on our clothes and all. Haven't been back, wouldn't mind trying again. Quiet place.
  8. El Castillito
    Popular Mexican joint. Efficient line to order your food directly from the cooks then winds around to the cashier. Portions are big, good veggie options, super budget. Would be a staple if Rye liked Mexican food more.
  9. Burma Love
    Long waits, little substance. Our meat and fish dishes had barely any meat in them. Maybe better for vegetarians?
  10. Straw
    Homer Simpson Brunch. Literally a burger with two glazed donuts for buns. Don't think my arteries have recovered enough for a second visit.
  11. Rickybobby
    Another artery clogging venue. Prefer Straw.
  12. Proposition Chicken
    Chipotle style ordering but with chicken as the only option. Grilled or fried, on a salad, sand which, or plate. Habanero slaw is the shiz.