Singapore Trip: Food

If only I could fit more in my stomach.
  1. Kaya toast + steamed bread
    Traditional breakfast of bread with sweet coconut jam. Dip in milk tea - simple and delicious! A popular chain.
  2. Chicken rice
    @ Tian Tian chicken rice. Popular spot with a long but quick line. Super simple but delicious steamed chicken with rice cooked in chicken broth + lard.
  3. Chilli Crab
    Hour long bus ride to this popular seafood restaurant recommended by a few friends. Wait was much shorter than expected (for two). Amazing crab - wish we had a bigger group so we could have tried different styles. (Butter crab, salty egg crab)
  4. Prata + Mutton Curry
    Stopped on our way back from a treetop hike. Had traditional mutton curry + plain prata, egg prata, and kaya prata. Could have eaten 10 plain pratas.
  5. Satay: Prawn, Lamb, Beef, Chicken
    The prawn - omg. Perfectly seasoned + grilled. Popular renovated market that's a bit touristy.
  6. Char Kwey Teow
    Have to admit, not my favorite dish - a lot of the same flavor. I probably didn't go to the best possible place. But this hawker center was right outside our apartment. Would give it another chance - looking for a version with more veggies.