9 days in Singapore. A few quirks I've noticed:
  1. To the left, to the left
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    Everyone stands to the left on the escalators. Is it because the roads are flipped too?
  2. Bomb Shelter, in unit
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    There's a concrete encased room with a thick metal door inside our air BnB. (Like a safe).
  3. Trash chute, in unit
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    We kept hearing glass breaking and things seemingly dropping from the kitchen counter, but not finding anything. Turns out there's a trash chute inside the apartment and you can hear everyone else's trash.
  4. Expensive non-local food.
    There are a ton of bougie restaurants and bars. The prices are ridiculous, even when compared to San Francisco. $18 for kimchi pancake, $8 bottle of Stella, $5 cup of green tea. Gotta make those expats pay. (Hawker stall meals could be had for about $3-5)
  5. Shy shopkeepers
    Not all of them, but a lot of shopkeepers were very timid. They stand near you, but don't say a word unless you ask them something directly.
  6. Good behavior
    We spent New Years along with much of the Singaporean public, along the marina bay watching the fireworks. Everyone was well behaved, considerate, and so very sober! The fireworks happened, there were oohs-and-aahs, then we all went home.