Vitamix ❤️ + Recipes

I bought myself a Vitamix as a reward for finishing my licensing exams. (See I'm a m.fcking Licensed Architect) It's more amazing than I imagined. Here's why:
  1. Look at this beautiful monster
    They redesigned the current version to be a bit shorter so it will fit under most kitchen cabinets.
  2. I cook more.
    Maybe the novelty of a new kitchen gadget hasn't worn off, but the Vitamix makes things so simple, I want to cook more.
  3. Motivates me to eat healthier.
    There are tons of healthy recipes online geared specifically towards high-powered blenders. I want to use it to make good food that's good for me.
  4. Makes healthy food more delicious.
    It makes smoothies and purees smoother than you thought possible. Eating some of these veggies raw brings out some unique flavors as well.
  5. Can cook recipes I wouldn't have considered before.
    Never thought I could make my own almond milk!
  6. Ease of use.
    It's a flip of a switch and a turn of a power dial. Most of the time I don't even have to push down the ingredients. It just sucks it all down and blends.
  7. Ease of cleaning.
    Rinse, add few drops of soap, add warm water, blend on high for 60 sec, rinse again. No need to take apart the blade/container!
  8. Makes me feel like an adult.
    I know I shouldn't place such value on material possessions. But being able to buy myself this gift and actually put it to good use has made me feel more grown up than anything else recently.
  9. Favorite recipes so far:
  10. Cauliflower mash + garlic + rosemary
    So simple, healthy, and mind-blowingly delicious. Tastes just like mashed potatoes with NO additional butter/cream.
  11. Tomato Soup (No-cook)
    So easy and delicious. Don't try and have any conversation while the blender is running on high for an extended period of time.
  12. Veggie Soup AKA Savory Smoothie
    So many variations. While I like regular smoothies, I crave savory more often than sweet. I added a Serrano pepper to this recipe to add some heat.
  13. Almond Milk
    So. Easy. Barely need a recipe. Fresh nut milk on demand.
  14. Hummus
    Fresh hummus. Easily made with mostly pantry essentials. Endless variations w/ roasted garlic, red peppers, avocados.
  15. 👌🏼 I was afraid I'd regret the purchase, but I'm certain that this will be my most used appliance.