When you arrive in a new place and look to the Internet for advice on what to do or eat, you find a lot of hyped up stuff. These are the things I tried and loved.
  1. Mustafa's Gemüse Kabab - Berlin
    This stand apparently invented the fried vegetable (Gemüse) addition to kebabs that is endemic to and prevalent in Berlin. The Internet will tell you it's the best Kabab in all of Germany, and it's not lying to you. The Internet will tell you you will wait in line for about 2 hours, and it's not lying to you. But! It's literally the most delicious sandwich I've ever eaten. Worth it!
  2. Oslo to Bergen train - Norway
    This seven hour, expensive train ride is touted all over the Internet as the most beautiful train ride in all of Europe. It's not lying. The brief but wondrous glimpses into the Norwegian country side are magical and worth it. It made me bummed we had not planned better to be able to actually explore more of Norway.
  3. Thermal Baths - Budapest
    Budapest's nickname is "the city of baths". The Internet will tell you bathing is an essential Budapest experience and the Internet is not lying. I'm really happy I went to several baths as I loved staring up at different mosaic domed roofs and having a surprising amount of fun in a wave pool and taking a morning at an all woman's bath. I just love being in magical water surround by beautiful architecture.
  4. Waldmeister Ice Cream - Rhine Valley
    Now I don't know if the Internet raves about this bright green concoction but I wouldn't have even thought of trying it except that I had read about it on the Internet. It's simply one of the best ice cream flavors I've ever had. Waldmeister translates to "forest herb" and the ice cream is a perfect lemony, floral, fruit-ish flavor.