Zagreb, Rovinj, Istria peninsula, Plitvice and Krka National parks, Zadar, Split, and Dubrovnik
  1. Seeing the Adriatic for the first time in my life
    We rode bikes along the coast in Rovinj and the weather was perfect and sea was beautiful.
  2. Walking around old town Rovinj at night
    The former island town is at its most charming at night, slippery cobble stones and all. We sat outside the church at the very top of the town and read about its patron saint then climbed all over the bathing rocks on the far edge of the island.
  3. Bundling up in three layers of clothing to walk in the rain to the big waterfall in Plitvice national park
    It was 3 degrees C outside, we had not packed accordingly.
  4. Counting the glittery fish in the super clear water of Plitvice
  5. Watching a crazy huge moon raise over the mountain above Split
    While drinking a cocktail after a walk above the town, the brightest moon I've ever seen popped up.
  6. Finding intact Roman ruins in Pula
    They're right on the side of the road as you drive into town. It was crazy.
  7. Looking for the grocery store in Split the night we arrived and realizing we were inside the palace of a roman emperor.
  8. Swimming in the waterfall at Krka National Park
    Thank god it was sunny outside because the water was freezing.
  9. Truffle Cheese from Motovun
  10. Exploring the magical staircases of Dubrovnik at night
    I didn't care how crowded the old town was during the day because at night the city it so so special. We were really lucky to find an affordable Airbnb right in town. It was amazing.
  11. Actually swimming in the Adriatic for the first time in my life
    The weather finally cooperated for the first time the day we drove to Dubrovnik. It was sunny and the water was perfectly clear.
  12. Soaking in the moody drama of the Adriatic from the fort outside Dubrovnik
    The sunset was great too.