From Oslo and Bergen
  1. The indescribable awe after stepping out of the train from the airport to finally be in a foreign country beginning the next year of my life. Everything was shiny and special.
    I was so crazy excited that I didn't even mind pulling my bag around all day. (Of course now I've discovered luggage lockers.)
  2. Bulk frozen shrimp that is scooped out with a plastic shovel available at all grocery stores.
  3. Walking around the palace gardens.
    The palace is still the residence of the royal family but the park belongs to the Norwegian people, so much so people sunbath in their swimsuits on the grass.
  4. Swimming in the Oslo fjord at sørenga salt water pool.
  5. The hike we took through Ekeberg park.
    Prettier and with better art than the other, more famous sculpture park.
  6. The collective excitement of the people in our train at the views on the way to Bergen.
    We passed through the town where they filmed the Hoth scenes in Star Wars.
  7. Cooking our first meal on the boat we'd rented on Airbnb and eating it while the sun slowly set at 11:00pm.
  8. Riding bikes past the colorful buildings in Bergen.
  9. The fjord cruise
  10. The lights turning off in them middle of my shower at the boat marina.
    It was late at night and I screamed. Turns out the lights are just on a timer.
  11. This rice pudding