While on the Pot

What I do on my phone when taking really long dumps
  1. Instagram
    I'll browse my feed all the way down to the first picture that I saw the last time I was on the app, maybe check out w few individual accounts I get interested in (@NatGeo, @humansofny, @sashatattooingstudio, or just some old friend), replying to comments.
  2. Snapchat
    I'll check out the national stories of the day if there are any that interest me, like holidays in other countries or current sporting events. Then I'll look at a few friends stories, if there aren't that many I'll look at Mashable's story, Comedy Central's, NowThis.
  3. Twitter
    Starts with News in Moments, then notifications, followed by casual browse of World Star and other memes.
  4. Games
    I play a lot of flight simulator games so if I'm in there still by this point I know I might as well try to beat some high scores. Also, BARRIER X is a game I downloaded recently that is quite fun.
  5. The List App
    By this point it's 25-30 minutes and if I've been here this long I'm either going to take a shower because it's night time now, or I'll just die here so why not make a list of the things I've done since I've been in here.