1. I hate that every character walked in individually and got their own applause
  2. A laugh track and live studio audience in 2016??
  3. Danny Tanner is aging poorly
  4. And I swear to god I thought Joey was dead.
  5. John Stamos looks fantastic
  6. DJ's voice is annoyinggggg
  7. Is Stephanie the same actress?
  8. This is still the Whitest family ever.
  9. Is Stephanie gonna have this accent the whole show?
  10. Whose baby is that?
  11. Another set of twins are playing the same character? Why?
  12. I miss Mary Kate and Ashley.
  13. Is this whole series gonna be making allusions to the original series?
  14. I am disgusted.
  15. Danny Tanner is so ugly.
  16. Congrats on the ex husband Kimmy, Bravo.
  17. This is the whitest family EVER.
  18. This show is an abomination.
  19. I'm still gonna watch it all :/