In an effort to become a more positive person, I'm going to make a list of pros to balance out the shitload of cons when it comes to working at a dry cleaners.
  1. Developing social skills
    There's a lot of time for small talk while I try to put all of the customers' clothes in the system as fast as I can (which unfortunately is still very slow). So I've gotten good at talking about the weather and asking follow ups to the initial "How are ya?!"
  2. Getting better at being fake af
    Gotta admit being at a dry cleaners for several hours can put me into a shit mood, but I still put on a huge smile and enthusiastically say "Hi, How are you!?" When someone walks in.
  3. I'm gonna lose hella weight
    The steam and lack of good air conditioning combined with 90 degree weather simulate a sauna and I stand the whole day which can be up to 8 hours so I'm literally shedding pounds and my legs are strong as fuck.
  4. I get to play iSpy sometimes
    On the rare occasion that someone's clothes are not where they're supposed to be, we have to look for them manually. Hypothetically, they could be on one of 1300 slots of the rotating rack so that's an intense game of iSpy.
  5. Getting better with face recognition and name recall
    I felt like an obsolete computer typing that, but it's true. When customers come I have to ask for their phone number which may take a while because people are surprisingly terrible at knowing their number. My job goes faster if I know their names to search instead of the number. This is a good skill for a business major to have for networking purposes.
  6. Learning to talk louder
    I've been told I'm very soft spoken and the cleaners is so noisy what with the fans and loud washing and drying mechanisms, so I've been training myself to speak louder than normal.
  7. Staying above the fray
    I've been there about two and a half weeks now and my co workers have all talked shit about the others to me and tried to involve me in the drama. And while I AM a certified messy bitch that lives for drama, their work place drama is boring and I got my own pot brewing in my personal life, it's best if I stay outta theirs.
  8. My legs are strong as hell
    Standing for hours on end will prepare me to filibuster the fuck out of congress one day.
  9. Exercises my patience
    Our rule is if you get your clothes in by 10AM we'll have them ready by 5PM. If you turn in your clothes at 10:13 there's no guarantee that we can get them in the machine to be done by five. This man came in the other day at NOON and asked if he could get them back today because "c'mon it's only two shirts" like sir Idgaf if it's three threads you want washed there's nothing I can do to open the machines and have them done any sooner than tomorrow. Exercises in fake smiles and apologies.
  10. It builds character
    It really is a shit job. It's hot, loud, I stand all day, my fat fingers find it hard to do tasks like tagging clothes with safety pins, people are rude and wanna scam the company for coupons, I once found a tooth in a grown man's pocket, a man once brought in a RANCID smelling karate uniform, and yesterday there was a shit stain on someone's pants. BUT at the end of the day(two weeks) I know I EARNED that paycheck. So I guess it's okay.