Warning signs people are not actually interested in justice.

Many people will put up the facade that they are interested in justice and equality, when in actuality they are not interested in giving up any of their privilege.
  1. "I just think we need to start the conversation"
    These are people who act as if this is both the least and most they can do. We've been having these conversations for years. Nay. Decades. I also don't like this because a conversation implies a two way street when really they're only interested in talking when they really need to just listen. Talking about injustice without action is useless and an unnecessary reliving of trauma for marginalized peoples. It's exhausting and I'm not interested in it if it's going to lead no where.
  2. "Diversity"
    Diversity in school and workplace is important, but in my personal experience the promotion of "Diversity" was more of a buzzword and selling point for the school than an actual effort to broaden the minds and experiences of the student population. Just because you put a bunch of different people together doesn't erase the hierarchal privileges of people in the group. Diversity without equity is dangerous, but most institutions are concerned with only the former (if that).
  3. "I'm just playing Devil's Advocate, but"
    The devil: I literally did not ask. This seems self explanatory, but to be clear, it always seems like this statement is a disclaimer for someone about to test the ideological waters before they shit out their unrequested opinion. They're usually never right & they think this is some game where it'd be fun to be satan's representative?? If you're talking about whether or not a hotdog is a sandwich, fine. But while talking TO a marginalized person ABOUT THEIR oppression? Unacceptable.
  4. "All opinions are valid" "respect other people's opinions"
    Wrong. Absolutely not. I will NEVER respect an opinion that disrespects my existence or the humanity of another person. Hateful opinions are NOT valid.
  5. Sharing feel good cop stories on the interweb
    This adds no value to the conversation of police brutality except to distract from the message that the police need to be demilitarized and held accountable for the rampant racism that permeates every facet of the US criminal justice system.
  6. "We have to fight hate with love"
    This depends on what that person's idea of love is. If it's police officers hugging little black kids for photo ops or white people standing at a Trump rally with a free hug sign, it's a bullshit waste of time. If it's a radical tough love where they protest, reform or revolt for systemic change to oust systemic hate then by all means love can conquer hate. But superficial acts of love and small kind acts will never defeat white supremacy or the patriarchy or homophobia. Call me a cynic idc.
  7. "Violence never solves anything"
    I feel like I must disclaimer this with the fact that I am no advocate for violence before you all call me a terrorist and the government is at my door. But I will point out that nothing the US and its systems of power have was gained without direct or indirect violence, that's just a fact. And so I won't criticize how marginalized people cope with their oppression. ESPECIALLY when the violence is against property and the national outrage is greater for loss of property than loss of life.