I've been waking up at 5:30 for the past 2 months. It's been glorious.
  1. The quiet.
    I didn't realize how much I missed small-town quiet until I woke up when the city was still mostly asleep. It's so peaceful.
  2. Seeing the sunrise.
    It's cliche, but sunrises are beautiful, damnit!
  3. The morning chill.
    I'm sure I'll hate this in two months, but I love a quick walk through refreshingly cold air in the morning, especially if I know it won't be that cold all day.
  4. The permanently uncrowded commute.
    I typically get to the metro now at 7, just as it switches over to rush hour schedule, but before anyone is actually on the train. When I used to leave at 8:45, any minor problem would cause me to have a nightmarish commute since I live at the last in a long line of stops where people mostly only get on. Now? I haven't had to wait more than 4 minutes for a train in the whole 2 months.
  5. A calm start to the work day.
    There are only a few people who get into the office that early, giving me at least an hour before the rush of meetings and calls start.
  6. Getting in early means leaving early.
    I usually peace out at four - which means I also have an uncrowded commute home!