I love going through boxes of really old photos when visiting extended family.
  1. Great-great grandma, her sisters, and their awesome ringlets.
    Yes they kind of look like kids in a horror movie, but...still gotta appreciate that hair curl game.
  2. My great-great-great grandmother, who died after getting struck by lightning while riding in a buggy.
    Crazy way to go.
  3. My beautiful grandmother after she graduated from nursing school.
  4. My dad, who got a perm at one point?!
    We are not a perm people.
  5. Switching to my mom's side, this photo of my mom feeding a baby lamb.
    Again with the perms! She pulls it off better than pops, though.
  6. Great-grandpa and the homestead.
    Mom's family has been in that house (or some version of it; it's been through several renovations, extensions, and one pretty major fire) on the North Dakota prairie for almost 150 years.
  7. My other beautiful grandmother after she graduated teaching college.
  8. Great-grandma and her awesome hat.
    Look at that cloche! This is so much more stylish than I would have assumed anyone would be in North Dakota back then.