Not including family photos, or this would be a boring list.
  1. This ostrich wall-art
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    This is one of the things I kept from my grandma's house after she died. She always seemed like a pretty serious person, so finding this bizarre and hilarious ostrich painting in her home was such a delight.
  2. This metal giraffe
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    My mother in law bought this for herself while visiting us, but decided to leave it here because she thought it was "too pointy" to bring back on the plane. She left it with the promise of us eventually returning it but shhhhhh I'm never giving it up.
  3. This non-functioning clock
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    One of the best periods of my life so far was during my college study abroad program in South Africa, but I only have one physical souvenir to show from it. Even though this clock broke basically one year after I got back, I still hang it up every place I've lived since.
  4. These coasters
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    Both given as gifts. The top are those map coasters that put a star on a place special to you; these show the place I met my husband. The bottom were given to me by one of my oldest friends after a winter he spent in India.