When you're a young person who likes jigsaw puzzles, your grandparents' present ideas are pretty locked in.
  1. Glow in the dark dragon puzzle
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    Tragically I don't still have this—this is the best picture I have of it. It had like 5 dragons and did I mention it glowed in the dark?? I was gifted it in college by my grandma and it was just too good not to immediately assemble, frame, and then hang in a place of honor in the living room. Its power was too much for any one person to own, so we bequeathed it to every future resident of our college apartment.
  2. Chameleon wood puzzle
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    This one, gifted by my lovely sister, is legitimately really cool. The pieces are really intricate wood carvings, and many of them are shaped like people or animals. It's so beautiful.
  3. Penguins at the beach puzzle
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    This was gifted to me by my in laws when they were trying to get rid of stuff before moving to Santa Fe. It is ridiculously busy and hilarious and has adorable beachy penguins.
  4. Scottish castle puzzle
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    This one is pretty sentimental, since it was given to me by my new husband the Christmas after we took our honeymoon to this very castle.
  5. Animal party puzzle
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    Another in-laws moving gift. I just love the art on this one—so many of the animals have these very human emotions on their faces. My favorite is the judgmental zebra, followed closely by the fox that's clearly tripping acid.