Every month I make a list of the little things that made me happiest during the month, to look at whenever I'm feeling down. This is October's.
  1. Great British Baking Show
    Possibly the purest and most adorable competition/reality show in existence.
  2. The return of hot-tea-on-rainy-days weather
    Ah, fall. Even your grossest days have their upsides.
  3. Andre Braugher saying "simpleton"
    + every other Andre Braugher line + the general existence of Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  4. Listening to Sawbones in the morning
    A podcast with weird medical histories + jokes is a great way to start the brain while I get ready without jumping full-on into the seriousness of the day.
  5. Finally having a good Halloween costume
    My Halloween costumes are typically very half-assed, but I'm really excited about going as Kimmy Schmidt this year. #hashbrownnofilter
  6. Porridge!
    How did I just discover oatmeal?! Add some roasted apples and I'm done.
  7. Spotify's Jazzy Dinner playlist
    Such a calm way to drown out chewing noises. Plus, the word "jazzy"!
  8. Apple picking in the burbs
    A fall cliche for a reason. The air is actually fresher!
  9. Marathoning CW shows on Netflix
    Jane the Virgin! The Flash! iZombie!
  10. Goodreads
    Another gem I cant believe I went this long without. So many good book discoveries!
  11. Smart bees taking on mean hornets
    A fact I discovered reading "Wicked Bugs": some Japanese honeybees will defend themselves against evil genocidal hornets by luring one into the hive before it can summon its brethren, then flapping their wings so fast as to raise the temperature of the surrounding air enough to kill the wasp, but not the bees themselves (a difference of only a few degrees). WHAT?!?! 🐝